Apple’s Recent Stock Dip No Cause for Concern

Since the end of April, Apple stock has dropped by a significant margin. Even though the company’s stock is down by 14 percent since reaching over $134 per share, there is no cause for concern regarding the long-term investment prospects. According to technology entrepreneur Jody Rookstool, whose business acumen has been well-documented, Apple’s recent struggles are somewhat overblown.

The most important thing to note is the fact that the value of Apple shares has been on the rise during a time in which growth has not necessarily been all that widespread. For example, a recent 2-year period in which Apple stock grew by almost 75 percent was during a time when the S&P 500 only experienced 24 percent growth. Since Apple stock has been outperforming projections for so long, it is only natural that even the slightest of struggles would cause concern.

That being said, Rookstool notes that nothing is ever a guarantee and every company is prone to the whims of the market to some degree. Apple, however, should be considered very likely to bounce back and to not just reach its prior levels, but to exceed those levels while continuing to grow. With a host of new product offerings set to launch and a loyal consumer base, a slight dip in the value of the company stock should not raise any alarm among investors.

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