5 Tips to Reduce Debt Stress

Nationwide Debt Direct

Do you ever wake up at night with the “money sweats”? Do you experience repetitive and racing thoughts about your debt and the state of your finances? Stress like this is an uncomfortable experience that effects us on all levels. Rather than letting debt stress effect your health, relationships, and career, reduce your stress levels […]

Staying On Top Of Your Credit Score

Many people have problems with their credit score. Sometimes, it’s not as high as they need it to be. While other times, it just doesn’t get updated quickly. So, when you need to be on top of your credit score, there’s nothing better than accessing your credit report. However, if not done the right way, […]

5 bold economic predictions for 2017

For the first time in decades, United States economic predictions are being based more on the political climate than the state of specific industries. Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election is a sure signal about the unpredicted focus of the American people and their vested business interests. 2017 is already gearing-up to be […]

Mo Howard

Mo Howard, WVU graduate and CEO of Ultegra Financial Partners, founded the financial services company in 2012 after a decade of experience working in the finance industry. Howard, a cum laude graduate of West Virginia University, possesses an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Strategies and has leaned on both his education and experience in […]

Sam Oven’s Biography

From his humble beginnings in the family garage to his meteoric rise in Manhattan, Sam Ovens is a “rags to riches” story come to life. In less than four years, Sam completely shattered all expectations when he amassed a $10 million consulting empire. By utilizing his unorthodox techniques and business philosophy, he has fine-tuned his […]

CreditUpdates.com on the Potential Factors Driving Jump in Mortgage Applications

Whenever there is a sizable bump in the rate of demand in any industry, financial experts and investors are quick to take stock of the seemingly innumerable factors that might be driving the increased level of interest. AsCreditUpdates.com often points out, this immediate analysis is often conducted with the goal of determining whether the sudden […]

Dr. Sid Solomon Reviews Potential Impact of Alibaba’s Approach to Investing

Investors keenly interested in the technology market are still quite likely to be in a state of shock regarding the $3-billion loan recently secured by Alibaba to further invest in the technology market after already having acquired a slew of companies while also investing in major stakes with a number of other tech firms. Dr. […]

Should Investors Alter Strategies Following Paris Climate Change Agreement?

One of the most interesting topics raised following the historic worldwide climate change agreement made in Paris has to do with the possibility that the accord would lead investors to consider altering their strategies in terms of energy investments. As any wise investor understands, a reactionary approach is not always sound and can lead to […]