5 bold economic predictions for 2017

For the first time in decades, United States economic predictions are being based more on the political climate than the state of specific industries. Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election is a sure signal about the unpredicted focus of the American people and their vested business interests. 2017 is already gearing-up to be […]

Dr. Sid Solomon Reviews Potential Impact of Alibaba’s Approach to Investing

Investors keenly interested in the technology market are still quite likely to be in a state of shock regarding the $3-billion loan recently secured by Alibaba to further invest in the technology market after already having acquired a slew of companies while also investing in major stakes with a number of other tech firms. Dr. […]

Apple’s Recent Stock Dip No Cause for Concern

Since the end of April, Apple stock has dropped by a significant margin. Even though the company’s stock is down by 14 percent since reaching over $134 per share, there is no cause for concern regarding the long-term investment prospects. According to technology entrepreneur Jody Rookstool, whose business acumen has been well-documented, Apple’s recent struggles […]

Stock Scapling, Investing and NFLX

Tie institute specializes in short term trading either swing, scalping or buying and selling instruments in the same day. They also have a myriad of strategies for the long term high net worth or institutional investors. We have enclosed a chart which shows a stock NFLX option return.  Stocks are great investments but they present […]