Dr. Sid Solomon Reviews Potential Impact of Alibaba’s Approach to Investing

Investors keenly interested in the technology market are still quite likely to be in a state of shock regarding the $3-billion loan recently secured by Alibaba to further invest in the technology market after already having acquired a slew of companies while also investing in major stakes with a number of other tech firms. Dr. Sid Solomon, an interested observer of the technology market and himself a successful investor, was surprised to learn of this news and shared a reaction similar to that of many of the most plugged-in observers of the tech market.

At this point, Dr. Solomon is limited to simply speculate on what Alibaba may have in mind, but he did point out that the company’s recent behavior ought to serve as a clear guide for its future intentions. After all, Dr. Solomon notes, the company only recently put down a staggering sum of $3.5 billion to acquire Youku Tudou and subsequently went on to secure stakes in Snapdeal, Snapchat, PayTM and Groupon, which seems to indicate that it intends to continue its massive expenditures with the goal of further investing in the most promising corners of an ever-expanding tech market.

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