Mo Howard

Mo Howard, WVU graduate and CEO of Ultegra Financial Partners, founded the financial services company in 2012 after a decade of experience working in the finance industry. Howard, a cum laude graduate of West Virginia University, possesses an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Strategies and has leaned on both his education and experience in founding the company for which he now serves as CEO and Managing Principal.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Howard was able to balance a heavy class load with participation in collegiate athletics. Mo Howard, West Virginia University football player, was just as successful as Mo Howard, West Virginia University student while on the Morgantown, West Virginia campus. The time spent at WVU was very important to Mr. Howard, as it taught him the value of proper time management and how to strike a balance between multiple pursuits that carry significant demands in terms of both time and energy.

Now clients are relying on Muhammad Howard, West Virginia University alumnus, to provide a wide variety of financial services through Ultegra Financial Partners. The financial services provided by the company include commercial and small business lending services along with business consulting services and other finance-oriented services. As CEO and managing principal, Mr. Howard has overseen the development of the company from its start and was particularly instrumental in the establishment of the company’s client platform.

Ultegra’s web-based, client-centered platform has allowed the company to assist clients from across the country. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Ultegra’s reach is significant thanks to the sophisticated system it employs in order to assist its many clients nationwide. Mr. Howard’s previous experience in the finance industry helped him a great deal in this regard, as he understood that some of the systems that were being widely used in the finance industry had certain limitations that could be improved upon to create a better experience for both the client and the company.

Before becoming CEO of Ultegra, Mr. Howard served as the VP at the Denver office of US Capital Partners, specializing in the structuring of loans in addition to underwriting responsibilities while also overseeing the company’s continued development. Mr. Howard also spent several years working as a commercial lending associate at BB&T, where he graduated at the top of the company’s Leadership Development Program. Mr. Howard’s prior experience in the finance industry has proven quite invaluable to Ultegra, as Mr. Howard has thrived in his current role as CEO and managing principal of the company.

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