Sam Oven’s Biography

From his humble beginnings in the family garage to his meteoric rise in Manhattan, Sam Ovens is a “rags to riches” story come to life. In less than four years, Sam completely shattered all expectations when he amassed a $10 million consulting empire. By utilizing his unorthodox techniques and business philosophy, he has fine-tuned his art into a precise science. Because of this, not only is he a heavyweight of the business world, he is the go-to guy for anyone who wants to cut their teeth on consulting. His methods and theories have made him the man he is today, and they have the power to create more successful businessmen like him.

While he first started his conquest with a more “hands on” approach to consulting, an idea eventually popped into his head. By applying his consulting skills and strategy into an overwhelmingly comprehensive online training program, Sam has literally thousands of successful students under his belt:

  • 9 Millionaire Consultants
  • 136 6-Figure Consultants
  • Helped thousands of people start their own successful consulting firms.

As the popular saying goes, “The numbers don’t lie.” By eschewing the tried-and-true business methods, Sam’s tendency to think outside the box has paid dividends a thousand times over for him and his students.

Sam believes in the power of the individual, that they can carve their own paths towards success and stability if they are driven and dedicated enough. As he can firmly vouch for his proven methods, Sam’s extensive online training program is perfect for either the absolute beginner or the experienced consultant who wants to become bigger and better.

For anyone who wants a secure, financially stable career in consulting, look no further: Sam Ovens is your man.

Sam Ovens’ Biography

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